The Knowledge Quest is a privately-owned tutoring center located in the Tatnuck Square area of Worcester, Massachusetts. We specialize in customized tutoring. Each student is evaluated and a program is designed to meet his or her specific needs, whether it be enrichment or remedial support.

Student-friendly – We recognize that many of our students have spent a full day in a traditional school setting before coming to see us. In order to maximize comfort and productivity, we offer a stress-free, goal-oriented environment.

Parent-driven – while we assess each student and provide suggestions for individual tutoring plans, we defer to parents’ requests in determining the type of assistance their child receives. Our parent relationships are a priority. We love getting to know the families who use our services and maintain constant open communication with them in order to optimize their and their children’s experience with us.

Outside the box – We’re committed to identifying how each student learns best and finding creative ways to tailor our services to his or her needs. Our goal is to uplift our students—to stimulate their academic success, but also to foster personal growth and empower them to succeed no matter where life takes them.

Resource-rich – A common observation is that The Knowledge Quest is more like a school than a tutoring business. Our library boasts over 4000 books—including textbooks, workbooks, and novels.

Welcoming – All students, regardless of ability, skill set, learning challenge, or age are welcome.



Our Tutors

Our tutors are highly motivated college & university students that enjoy interacting with our students. Their brilliance and compassion make for engaging learning experiences. The focus is always on what will motivate, educate, and elevate your child’s love of learning.

Our tutors major in:

Math Physics Robotics English
Biology Chemistry Biochemistry

We’re proud to celebrate our gifted staff members who’ve gone onto some of the most prestigious graduate programs, including:

the schools


“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.”
Clay P. Bedford







Tutoring Formats


Private lessons are conducted in individual rooms where you or your child will receive uninterrupted one-on-one assistance from a tutor. Private lessons typically last one hour and we try our best to make sure you or your child works with the same tutor each week.


Workshops provide you or your child with intermittent one-on-one assistance. Students are seated in small group settings but work on individualized content. Tutors attend to each student by rotating through the group. Workshops typically last three hours per session.

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