Our readiness programs ensure that students have the skills to succeed as they continue their education.

Pre-K Readiness

Our pre-k readiness program helps prepare your child for kindergarten. We focus on numbers and counting, mathematics readiness, patterns, graphing and thinking skills, language arts, writing readiness, cognitive development, and fine motor skills. This service is offered as a one-on-one lesson or in a small group setting.

College Readiness

College readiness is all about academic tracking—the sequence of courses a student takes throughout his or her education that may, or may not, provide adequate preparation to pursue a college career. Our college readiness program is designed to eliminate the need for remedial coursework as students enter college—in other words, to ensure academic self-sufficiency. We work with students and their families to identify and develop subjects or skill sets that require improvement and to determine what courses students must complete before applying to post-secondary education. It is never too early to begin preparing for college; students in elementary school are encouraged to take advantage of this service, in addition to those in middle school and high school.

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